Production of tablets and capsules

We produce dietary supplements in the form of coated and uncoated tablets and hard gelatin and vegetable capsules.

Uncoated tablets

Tablets of various sizes, shapes and colours are produced from bulk mixtures, which we mix from our own raw materials or raw materials supplied by the customer. The customer can also supply a ready-made mixture from which we make the tablets. We prepare tablets in a weight range of 250 to 2500 mg per tablet.

We have several tablet presses with different capacities and the possibility of many sizes and shapes of tablets:

tablet lens 9 mm breakline 11,5 mm 12,0 mm 12,5 mm
flat tablet 12,0 mm      
oval tablet 16,0 x 9,0 mm 25,2 x 12 mm breakline 16,6 x 9,4 mm 21 x 10 mm
oblong tablet 19,2 x 8,0 mm 21,2 x 8,0 mm 23,45 x 8,5 mm breakline  

The manufactured tablets can be further adjusted into blisters, filled into doses or bags and then packed into boxes.

Coated tablets

For some product types, we recommend using more suitable coated tablets. We coat both tablets of our own production and tablets supplied by the customer. The so-called film coating is performed on machines with different production capacities. We use coating mixtures of our own production or custom-made mixtures prepared by a supplier. According to the customer's wishes, the coating mixes can be transparent, white or coloured. We can also coat the tablets with enterosolvent mixture, which resists gastric juices and bile acids, so that the active substances are released from the tablet in the intestine.

We also adjust the coated tablets into blisters, or fill into doses and sachets and assemble the finished product into the final package.

Capsule filling

We fill our own or customer-supplied mixtures into hard gelatin and vegetable capsules (capsules). We produce capsules on semi-automatic and fully automatic filling machines. We fill capsules of different sizes (markings: 00, 0, 1, 3) in transparent or in a wide range of colours. The capsules, like the tablets, can be coated with an enterosolvent compound.

Filled capsules are adjusted into blisters, filled into doses and bags, packed into boxes and assembled into final packages for shipment. Alternatively, we can deliver them to the customer without further processing.

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