Liquid and bulk forms of preparations

Liquid forms of preparations

The production of liquid forms of dietary supplements involves mixing solutions and filling them into primary packaging. We also fill customer supplied solutions into primary containers. In terms of the consistency and nature of the liquid moulds, we mix and fill aqueous solutions, syrups and oils.

Primary Packaging:
We fill liquid moulds into plastic or glass bottles with a volume from 5 ml up to 1 000 ml. After filling, the bottles can be closed with any cap, classic, spray or drip caps, etc. We also provide labelling, batch printing and dispensing. We also fill liquid products into 2 to 200 ml bags.

Secondary packaging:
We can pack filled bottles and bags in paper boxes, including the enclosed leaflet, to complete the final packaging.

Bulk mould preparations

The bulk mixtures are mixed and prepared for subsequent use by homogenisation, compaction and dry or wet granulation. We provide quality raw materials for production or use customer-supplied raw materials. We fill the prepared bulk mixtures into capsules, adjust them in doses and bags, make them into tablets or deliver them to the customer "in bulk".

Primary packaging:
We fill bulk formulations into doses from approved manufacturers in a wide range of sizes and shapes from 50 g to 5,000 g. The jars can be labelled with the batch and expiry date. We also fill bags with filling weights from 2 to 200 g.

Secondary packaging:
We can also pack the bags or jars in paper boxes, including enclosing a leaflet, to complete the final packaging.

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