Adjustment and assembly of products

Produced products (tablets, capsules, liquid and bulk mixtures) are filled into various primary packaging (blisters, doses, bottles and sachets) and finally packed together with leaflets into secondary, final packaging.


We fill capsules and tablets into blisters on two filling lines. The bottom material of the blister is PVC or PVC/PVDC film. The upper foil is aluminium with printing, where we can indicate the product name, brand name and similar on customer's request. Each blister is also marked with the batch and expiry date of the product.

The size of the blisters is determined by the number and size of the filled capsules or tablets. The basic dimensions of blister packs are:

  • 92 × 38 mm
  • 87 × 59 mm
  • 124 × 75 mm
  • 110 × 80 mm
  • 130 × 100 mm
  • 195 × 100 mm

Each blister size allows for multiple variations in numbers and shapes of filled capsules or tablets. However, we can also prepare special  blister sizes upon customer's request. We are even able to fill two different products in one blister.

We put the filled blisters into boxes with the package insert and assemble them into final packages.

Filling of jars and bottles

Liquid preparations are filled into bottles or bags. In addition to blister packs, we also fill bulk preparations (tablets and capsules) into bags and jars. Filling is done on three different devices where we electronically track the number of tablets or capsules. Packaging of both liquid and bulk products, tablets and capsules, is verified at the end by weight control.

We offer jars and bottles from approved manufacturers in a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes. We fill bulk mixtures into jars in weights from 50 g to 5 000 kg. Liquid moulds are filled into plastic or glass bottles in volumes from 5 ml up to 1 000 ml. We use screw caps or snap caps to close the jars and bottles, ensuring the originality of the packaging, either with a cap or an aluminium sealed insert. We close the bottles with both classic and spray caps or caps with drip liners.

We also provide labelling and batch and expiration marking of the containers.

We place filled jars in boxes with package insert and assemble into final packages.

Filling into bags

p>We fill the prepared bulk and liquid mixtures into bags with a filling weight of 2-200 g. The type of film used for the bags is selected with regard to the product specification and customer requirements for packaging parameters, e.g. required moisture barrier, etc. We can also adjust capsules or tablets into the bags.

We supply bags in various sizes, shapes and colours:

  • sachets 3 welds with dimensions 5 × 6 mm to 13 × 18 mm,
  • sachets 4 welds with dimensions of 5 × 6 mm to 13 × 18 mm,
  • hose bag (stick) with dimensions 25 × 40 mm to 128 × 360 mm,
  • dome bag with dimensions of 80 × 120 mm to 80 × 200 mm,
  • Doypack with dimensions 120 × 120 mm to 400 × 600 mm.

Filled bags can be marked with batch and expiration date.

The bags can then be placed in the boxes with the package insert to prepare the final packaging.

Packing into boxes and assembly

All manufactured products (blisters, jars, bottles, bags) are assembled on cartoning machines into customer-supplied boxes and reprinted with batches and expiration dates. Special packaging of food supplements and small batches are assembled by hand. According to the customer's request, we insert a leaflet into the boxes or pack the boxes in group packs.

We assemble the packaged products into final packages suitable for transportation and storage and prepare them for shipment. At the customer's request, we also supply specific packages of dietary supplements suitable for different occasions, such as Christmas or gift packaging.

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